Famous Relations


One thing people often wonder is whether or not they are related to anyone famous, either in the past or the present. Here are some famous individual(s) that the Shavers are related to. Click on the link(s) for more information about that individual and how they are connected to our family tree:

Family On The Mayflower

Best known as the ship that carried the first English/Leiden Separatists from England to the New World at Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts, USA. The Shaver family is directly related to multiple passengers on the ship:

Francis Cooke [1583 - 1663]

George Soule [1595 - 1679]

Early-American Historical Figures

These individuals are noted for their contributions as being notable founders, pioneers, settlers, etc. in Early America.

Roger Conant [1592 - 1679], founder of Salem, Mass.



Other Distant Relatives

We have some famous cousins! These are some people we are related to very distantly. I have included their closest connection to our family line. Please click on the link above to see all our cousins (from U.S. Presidents to Famous Actors).

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