Distant Cousins

We have some famous cousins! 

These are some people we are related to very distantly. I have included their closest connection to our family line. Please note that many of them are related to our family through multiple lines (as the Mayflower links often intersect). The closest relative known is in parenthesis; however, if they were equally distant to two individuals, I only listed one.

The Bush Family

(Elizabeth Mitchell, granddaughter of Francis Cooke)

George H.W. Bush - 41st U.S. President

George W. Bush - 43rd U.S. President

Jeb Bush - 43rd Governor of Florida


Marie-Chantal Miller - Crown Princess of Greece (Elizabeth Mitchell)

Other Notable Government Officials

Charles Dawes - 30th U.S. Vice President (Roger Conant)

Nicholas Gilman - U.S. Constitution Signer (James Chilton)

Lucretia (Rudolph) Garfield - U.S. First Lady to Pres. Garfield (James Chilton)

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. - U.S. Supreme Court Justice (Roger Conant)

Military Figures

Commodore Matthew C. Perry - Led Black Ships Expedition to Japan (George Soule)

Oliver Hazard Perry - Hero of Lake Erie during War of 1812 (George Soule)

Art and Entertainment

(Elizabeth Mitchell, granddaughter of Francis Cooke)

Julia Child - Chef, Author, & TV Personality

William Cullen Bryant - "Fireside" Poet

Henry Fonda - Movie Actor

Jane Fonda - Movie Actress

Anthony Perkins - Movie Actor

Wil Wheaton - TV & Movie Actor

Pete Seeger - Folk Singer (connection "probable")

(John Soule, son of George Soule)

Richard Gere - Movie Actor

Dick Van Dyke - TV & Movie Actor

 (Jane Cooke, daughter of Francis Cooke)

Marilyn Monroe - Actress, Model & Singer

(Francis Cooke)

Orson Welles - Radio, Stage, & Movie Actor

Anna Marie "Grandma Moses" Robertson - Folk Artist

Mary Chapin Carpenter - Singer & Songwriter

Paget Brewster - TV Actress

(James Chilton)

Vincent Price - Movie Actor

Christopher Lloyd - Movie Actor

Jordana Brewster - TV & Movie Actress

(William White)

Humphrey Bogart - Movie Actor

George Hamilton - TV & Movie Actor

Grace Slick - Singer & Songwriter in Jefferson Airplane

James Taylor - Singer & Songwriter

(Roger Conant)

John Cena - WWE Wrestler & TV Actor



The Folger Family

(Francis Cooke)

J.A. Folger - Founder of Folger Coffee Company 
Henry Clay Folger - Chairman of Standard Oil

Abigail Folger - Charles Manson Murder Victim

CEOs/Company Founders/Business

Carly Fiorina - CEO of Hewlett-Packard (Francis Cooke)

Abel Head "Shanghai" Pierce - Texas Rancher (Francis Cooke)

Thomas J. Watson, Jr. - President/CEO of IBM (William White)


Mark David Chapman - Assassinated John Lennon (William White)


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