Temperance (Stull) Shaver


Temperance Stull was born sometime between October 19, 1755 and October 19, 1756 in Maryland, USA (according to dates listed on U.S. Census records). Her parents are unknown.

On January 5, 1775 (at the age of 19), she married John Shaver in Walker Township, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania. The marriage was performed by Henry Lloyd, Justice of Peace in Walker Township. His parents are unknown.

Ohio is often referred to as the "Great Western Reserve" because the brand new United States sectioned off and reserved the area today known as Ohio to be given as a reward to the men who served in the War of Independence. The fact that John and his family removed from Pennsylvania to Orange Township, Ashland County, Ohio in 1829 is a very good indication that he accepted this reward and moved to Ohio.

John passed away on June 23, 1830 in Richland, Ashland County, Ohio. In 1831, Temperance submitted her Widow's Pension Application in the state of Pennsylvania (she lived in Ohio at the time). It is unknown if she received any pension.

She appears on the 1840 U.S. Census in the household of her youngest son, Andrew. On the 1850 U.S. Census, dated October 19, 1950, she is listed as being 94 years-old (born in MD) and living with her youngest daughter, also named Temperance, next door to her son Andrew. Both Census locations were Orange Township, Ashland County.

Sometime between October 19, 1850 and the time of the 1860 U.S. Census (on which she was not listed, she died in Ashland County.

Peter Shaver [1776 - 1860]

Samuel Shaver [1780 - 1842]

Elizabeth (Shaver) Wasson [1783 - 1872]

Mary (Shaver) Norris [1788 - 1862]

Temperance Shaver [1795 - 1883]

David Shaver [1796 - 1841]
Andrew Shaver [1800 - 1888]

Family Connections

John & Temperance (Stull) Shaver's son, David, was the father of Temperance Shaver. Temperance was the second wife of Cassius Palmer. Cassius' first-born child was Agnes Colista Palmer (daughter with his first wife, Ruby Rosette Turner).

John & Temperance (Stull) Shaver's son, Andrew, was the father of Joseph Watson Shaver, who married Agnes Colista Palmer (daughter Cassius Palmer and his first wife, Ruby Rosette Turner).


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