John Shaver

John Shaver was born around September 1755 in Huntingdon (now Bedford) County, Pennsylvania, USA. His father was possibly Peter Shaver, a German immigrant.


On January 5, 1775 (at the age of 19), he married Temperance Stull in Walker Township, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania. The marriage was performed by Henry Lloyd, Justice of Peace, in Walker Township, Huntingdon County.

According to the Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty-Land Warrant Application Files, 1800-1900, when Temperance submitted her Widow's Pension Application (in 1831) she indicated that John first made his application for and drew his pension about the year 1823 or 1834. At the time of his application, he had been a resident of Huntingdon County for more than 60 years.

Military Service Detail

John entered the military service in 1776 and served in various different capacities over the years, both on the continental establishment and the Militia of the State of Pennsylvania. John was indicated to have joined the service to the United States in the fall of 1776, after the Declaration of Independence had been signed.

In his military files, it is noted that John (in concert with Captain Davidson and Lieutenant William Johnston), raised a company of volunteers in 1776. John Shaver was the Second Lieutenant of the Company and marched the same to Carlisle. The Company was ordered under Colonel Thomas Smith to New Jersey (where they would remained for 3 months before being discharged).

He joined the main army under General Washington in New Jersey, USA. He was at the Battle at Princeton (which began on January 3, 1777) and helped to bury General Hugh Mercer, who was wounded in the battle. After the skirmish, he continued in the Continental Army until 1777 and then returned home to Pennsylvania.

In 1777, he raised another company of volunteers to serve under General Edward Hand. All but 18 deserted. Before they marched, John borrowed $40 from Colonel Smith and Colonel Woods to provide sustenance for his men. He may have paid out of pocket for some of his men.

David Stewart Esquire, being one of Shaver's company, was ordered to march on Bikini Bottom (or Logstown), which is now known as Legionville, on the Ohio River in August 1777. He met a Mr. Rickette. Orders from General Hand were to form company all along the Allegheny Mountains. There, they joined Captain William Phillips company of rangers, of which Rickette was the First Lieutenant.

Benajmin Elliott Esquire recalled(?) Shaver marching as a Second Lieutenant under Colonel Smith's Command and under/beside General Hand.

Per Temperance's pension, in September 1777, he raised a company (of which he was indicated to be the Captain). This company went to the aid of Fort Pitt and Fort Wheeling until December 1777. This may have been one of the companies noted above (from his military files).

In 1778, he was garrisoned at Huntingdon County, which was called Thompson's Fort, under the command of Captain Thompson. After 1778, he served in various tours and capacities, sometimes being stationed at Standing Stone, now known as Huntingdon.

For six years after the war, the area of Huntingdon/Bedford Counties were exposed to raids by the Native Americans (likely the Iroquois). During this time, John was actively leading a scouting party and defending the frontiers (for which he never received compensation).

Ohio is often referred to as the "Great Western Reserve" because the brand new United States sectioned off and reserved the area today known as Ohio to be given as a reward to the men who served in the War of Independence. The fact that John and his family removed from Pennsylvania to Orange Township, Ashland County, Ohio in 1829 is a very good indication that he accepted this reward and moved to Ohio.

John passed away on June 23, 1830 in Richland, Ashland County.


Peter Shaver [1776-1860]

Samuel Shaver [1780 - 1842]

Elizabeth (Shaver) Wasson [1783 - 1872]

Mary (Shaver) Norris [1788 - 1862]

Temperance Shaver [1795 - 1883]

David Shaver [1796 - 1841]

Andrew Shaver [1800 - 1888]


Family Connections

John & Temperance (Stull) Shaver's son, David, was the father of Temperance Shaver. Temperance was the second wife of Cassius Palmer. Cassius' first-born child was Agnes Colista Palmer (daughter with his first wife, Ruby Rosette Turner).

John & Temperance (Stull) Shaver's son, Andrew, was the father of Joseph Watson Shaver, who married Agnes Colista Palmer (daughter Cassius Palmer and his first wife, Ruby Rosette Turner).


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