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  Agnes Colista (Palmer) Shaver


Agnes Colista Palmer was born on January 26, 1845 in Spencer, Medina County, Ohio to Cassius & Ruby Rosette (Turner) Palmer Her mother, Ruby, was a direct ancestor of Peregrine White. On November 8, 1855, her mother, passed away in Sullivan, Ashland County, Ohio. On April 19, 1857, her father remarried Temperance Shaver, daughter of David & Mary (Mountain) Shaver.

Agnes Colista Palmer met and fell in love with her first step-cousin, Joseph Watson Shaver, son of Andrew & Mary Molly (Artman) Shaver.  Andrew and David Shaver's parents were John & Temperance (Stull) Shaver.

Agnes & Joseph were wed on October 3, 1861 in Ashland. Around 1870, they migrated to Chester Township, Eaton County, Michigan; where Joseph purchased a home and farm land, via mortgage payments, in the 83rd district of Chester Township. He farmed the land up until his death, at the age of 76.

They resided in Chester Township until their deaths. Joseph died on May 25, 1911 and Agnes died on January 31, 1931; they were both interned at Millerburg Cemetery in Carmel Township.


Curtis Shaver [1862/63 - 1862/63]

Francis Emery Shaver [1864 - 1932]

"Twins" Shaver [1866 - 1866]

Arthur Adelbert Shaver [1868 - 1946]

Mary Rovella (Shaver) Johnston [1868 - 1921]

Winifred Rosella (Shaver) Boyles [1871 - 1900]

Bertrand Cassius Shaver [1873 - 1960]

Melvin Burdett Shaver [1876 - 1916]

Orville Clayton Shaver [1877 - 1965]

Willard Ervin Shaver [1881 - 1965]

Merlin Palmer Shaver [1885 - 1965]

Clifford Joseph Shaver [1893 - 1964]

For additional Information on the Ancestors of Agnes Colista (Palmer) Shaver, please see the following pedigree charts (.pdf format):

Agnes C. Palmer - Chart 2.0