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Peter Browne
~Passenger on The Mayflower~


Peter Brown was born sometime around 1594/5 in England to William Browne of Dorking, Surrey, England. He was baptized on January 26 of the same year in Dorking. 

An English/Leiden Separatist, better known as Pilgrim, he became one of the 102 passengers on the historic ship, the Mayflower in 1620. He was single and childless at the time of his passage. Peter later married the widow Martha Ford, who arrived to the colony aboard the ship Fortune in November 1621. Her husband died during the voyage, or soon thereafter, leaving her with two children. After her death in 1630, he remarried a woman named Mary (last name unknown).

Peter reportedly had health issues which became serious in late 1632. He died later in October 1633, possibly in early fall from a probable infectious disease. 


How Are We Related?


Descendants of Joseph Watson & Agnes C. (Palmer) Shaver are directly connected to Peter Browne through Agnes C. (Palmer) Shaver. Peter was her 5th great-grandfather through her paternal grandfather, Thomas Palmer. See the pedigree tree below for more information.

Pedigree Tree leading back to Peter Browne:

Agnes C. Palmer [1845 1931]

->Cassius Palmer [1820 - 1908] m. Ruby Rosette Turner (parents)
-->Thomas Palmer [1779 - 1860] m. Sarah Ball (grandparents)
--->Susanna Cobb [1756 - 1840] m. Zurishaddai Palmer (great-grandparents)
---->Nathan Cobb [1728 - 1818] m. Abijan Tinkham (2nd great-grandparents)

----->Ephraim Tinkham, Jr.  [1649 -1714] m. John Washburn (3rd great-grandparents)

------>Mary Browne [1626 - after 1660] m. Ephraim Tinkham (4th great-grandparents)

------->Peter Brown [1594 - 1633] m. Martha (nee unknown) Ford (5th great-grandparents)

Please note that dates are approximate.

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