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  Andrew P. Shaver


Andrew P. Shaver was born on April 29, 1874 in Ashland County, Ohio. He was the youngest son of Andrew & Mary Molly (Artman) Shaver.

Andrew's father owned 80 acres of land in Northwest Orange Township of Ashland County, where he worked as a farmer laborer.

Around 1865, Andrew migrated to Putnam, Fulton County, Illinois; where he and his family continued to live within his father's household. He worked as a farmer on his father's land until his death.

He married Nancy Jane Yates on January 24, 1867, in Fulton County, Illinois

Andrew died sometime between June 1880 and June 12, 1900 when his wife appears as "widowed" on the 1900 U.S. Census in their daughter's household.

A Civil War Pension File in his name indicates that while residing in Ohio, he was a member of the Ohio Infantry. The dates on the record are difficult to read; however, I believe that they indicate a date of August 6, 1890 as "invalid" and a date of February 23, 1899 as the date of his death.


Mary May (Shaver) Rock [1869 - ?]

Charles E. Shaver [1871 - 1945]

James F. Shaver [1873 - 1957]