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Thomas Edwin Eugene "Edwin" Parker

Thomas Edwin Eugene Parker was the son of Erwin Eugene & Mary Ellen (Garvin) Parker. He was born around 1902 in Oklahoma, USA. Records indicate he was born sometime after April 9, but before May 31.

Per the 1910 U.S. Census (dated May 1910), he was listed "Parker, Edwin T." He was 8 years old and living with his parents in Woodward County, Oklahoma. 

His younger brother, Everette Parker, died at age 7 in Lecompte, Rapides County, Louisiana on June 7, 1917. This indicates that Thomas, who would have been around 14, probably lived there as well.

At the time of the 1920 U.S. Census (dated January 31, 1920), he was listed as "Parker, Eddie T." He was 17 and living with his parents in Miami County, Kansas. An occupation is not listed; however, his father was a farmer and he likely was a laborer at least part-time on the family farm.

His family relocated to the Eaton County area sometime around 1923.

On October 28, 1925 (age 23), he married Irma Lucille Shaver. She was the daughter of Bertrand Cassius & Ada Lovista (Blodgett) Shaver. His name was listed as "Thomas Edwin Eugene Parker" on their marriage record. Their marriage was recorded in Eaton County; however, the record indicates it took place in Battle Creek (located in Calhoun County).

At the time of their marriage, he was working as a factory hand in Olivet, Eaton County.

Per the 1930 U.S. Census (dated April 9, 1930), Edwin was listed as age 27 and living with his wife and son in Chester Township, Eaton County. His occupation was too difficult to read but appeared to be a self-employed "paperhanger & painter"; his occupation code was "86 X1" confirming that he was a "paper hanger". Paper hangers were tradesmen who applied wall paper in residences so painting on the side would have been very plausible.

On April 19, 1940 (per the 1940 U.S. Census Record), Edwin & Lucille lived at 518 Pleasant Street in Charlotte, Eaton County. He was listed as a "Contractor - Interior Decorator" indicating that his occupation may have remained the same from 1930.

His date of death is unknown.

Together, they had three known children:

Donald Parker [1927 - ]

Ilene Parker [1931 - ]

Duane Parker [1938 - ]

*Italicized birth years are approximated