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  Joseph Watson Shaver


Joseph Watson was born on November 25, 1835 in Ashland County, Ohio to Andrew & Mary Molly (Artman) Shaver. The third of their eight children. Joseph's family owned 80 acres of land in Northwest Orange Township of Ashland County. Shortly after the arrival of the Palmer family into the county around 1860, Joseph met and fell in love with Agnes Colista Palmer, daughter of Cassius & Ruby Rosette (Turner) Palmer.  They were wed on October 3, 1861 in Ashland. Around 1870, they migrated to Chester Township, Eaton County, Michigan; where Joseph purchased a home and farm land, via mortgage payments, in the 83rd district of Chester Township. He farmed the land up until his death, at the age of 76.

They resided in Chester Township until their deaths. Joseph died on May 25, 1911 and Agnes died on January 31, 1931; they were both interned at Millerburg Cemetery in Carmel Township.

Together, Joesph & Agnes had ten children. Information on their children can be found on the Genealogy Page.

Parents and Siblings

Andrew & Mary Molly (Artman) Shaver were the parents of Joseph Watson Shaver. His siblings were as follow:

Alzina Sage Shaver [1831 - 1875]

Peter Shaver [1833 - 1852]

Jasper Newton Shaver [1837 -1912]

Margaret Shaver [1839 - ?]

Eliza Jane Shaver [1841 - ?]

John M. Shaver [1844 - 1904]

Andrew Shaver [1847 - ?]