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Charles L. Chalker

Charles L. Chalker was born around 1921 to Louis & Laura Chalker.

He married Frances Elaine "Fran" Shaver, the daughter of Clifford Joseph & Luella M. (Randall) Shaver, sometime around 1941.

Charles served with the 12th Air Force / 324th Fighter Group during World War II. He was ranked as a 1st Lieutenant. His 324th Fighter Group was stationed in El Haouaria, Tunisia and served primarily in the Mediterranean, African, and The Middle East Theatres.

He piloted a Curtiss P-40F Warhawk (a B-40-F aircraft). They were a key group in escort and patrol missions between Tunisia and Sicily until July 1943 and received a Distinguished Unit Citation (DUC) for action against the enemy from March 1943 to the Invasion of Sicily. On July 9-10, 1943, the Allied troops began the Invasion of Sicily, codenamed Operation Husky. It was a major campaign and victory for the Allies.

Charles was killed in combat on July 9th while making the run on Sicily.